12 December, 2021

I’ll Miss Anne Rice Too

Interview with a Vampire Author Anne Rice Dead at 80 | PEOPLE.com

A little bit crazy, and way too many Vampire books. Her Sleeping Beauty series was incredibly odd.

But still, a very prolific writer, who wrote what she wanted to write and damn whatever people thought of it. The first few Vampire books are fantastic. I may try to pick up the series again.

Anne Rice, the beloved author behind the 1976 novel Interview with the Vampire, has died. She was 80.

On Saturday evening, Anne's son, Christopher Rice, announced her death in a social media statement shared on Facebook.

Christopher said his mother died of complications from a stroke and will be buried in a family mausoleum at Metairie Cemetery in New Orleans in a private ceremony.

A public memorial is also planned for sometime next year in the Louisiana city, Christopher added.

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In his Facebook statement, Christoper wrote that Anne "left us almost 19 years to the day my father, her husband Stan, died."

RIP, Ms. Rice. You will be missed.

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