08 April, 2011

Do Liberals Only Have One Speechwriter?

Every single time the GOP offers reforms for entitlement programs or offers up a budget, it’s the same litany.
You’re starving senior citizens
The plan will end Medicare as we know it
Tax cuts for the rich
Note that there are no counter proposals. Just whines. Dems never lead on something that takes courage. They have none.
It doesn’t starve senior citizens. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA-08), you’re either a liar or an idiot. Or both. The link above tears her assertion to shreds.
Next. Well, yes, it’s going to end Medicare as we know it. And Social Security, and Medicaid as we know them too.
That’s a good thing.
Guess what? If you haven’t been paying attention libs (and based upon your screaming, you haven’t), these programs as we know them are going to end, regardless of the Ryan plan. And they’re going to end soon. If we do nothing, they won’t just get revamped. They’ll die.
Read that again. They’ll die. These entitlement programs are going to change drastically, at the very least, no matter what happens. There is no way to avoid it. Scream all you want about the changes, but face reality. Otherwise you’re just like my four year old throwing a tantrum when I tell her I’m not going to buy her another Barbie doll.
Ryan’s plan is an attempt to save these programs. And the only way that’s going to happen is to cut costs and to increase revenue. You may not like the way he tries to save them. Fine. But whining that it’s going to change isn’t accomplishing anything other than making you look childish and stupid.
Tax cuts for the rich. Yawn. You realize, of course, that the poor don’t pay taxes? You can hardly cut their taxes. You also realize that just about any tax cut is going to help the rich the most, right? I mean, let’s say we did a 1% tax cut across the board. To every single taxpayer in America. Who’s that going to help more? The person who pays no taxes, the person who pays $350 in taxes, the person who pays $35,000 in taxes, or the person who pays $3,500,000 in taxes? Well, the first person gets nothing. The second person saves $3.50. The third person will get to pay about $350 less. The last person, the rich one, will pay $35,000 less. Still the same 1%, but the last person gets to keep a lot more money.
Yeah, I’d like it if I could cut my taxes by $35,000 too. But I don’t think many flat tax credits like that are coming my way or your way any time soon.
Even if it was a sliding scale like 10% for the first, 5% for the second, 2.5% for the third, and a measly 1% for the rich person, the rich still saves the most money.
Why? Because they pay the most taxes! Like I said earlier, libs, this isn’t policy. It’s math. And math trumps politics every single time.
This is exactly why Dems punted on the budget last year. They had near super-majorities in both chambers, and the White House. And they didn’t even try to pass a budget. They knew that they’d either have to cut spending, or raise taxes, or put out a budget with an astronomical debt figure. They didn’t want to do that in an election year. They punted so that Republicans would be forced to handle it this year, and now the Democrats can demonize the Republicans for doing all the awful evil things they were afraid to do.
Ryan’s plan has flaws. A lot of them, actually, now that I’ve looked at it in more detail (coming soon), but it’s a start, and it’s a recognition of the problem. It takes courage to lead, and I applaud Ryan for attempting to do so. The Democrats in Congress prefer to shirk their responsibilities and demonize those with real courage. They should all be tarred and feathered and never allowed to work for the public again.
At the very least, they should get a new speechwriter.

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