09 April, 2011

More On Budget Deal

Yes, $39B in cuts amounts to a crap sandwich.
But, we knew when we came in to this diner that all they serve are crap sandwiches.
We got the best crap sandwich we were going to get.
You want something other than a crap sandwich? In November 2012, you will have a chance to change the management.
Look, you can grouse all you want. You can point out that this isn’t 1995, and that President Barack Obama (D-USA) is no President Bill Clinton (D-USA). But, the media is still in the Dem pocketbook. And, long term, a shutdown favors the Democrats. Probably not short term. It isn’t 1995, and he isn’t Bill Clinton. But long term, no doubt.
So, right now Speaker Boehner (R-OH-08) was negotiating from a position of strength. Give it 2-3 weeks, or a month, and he’s negotiating from a position of weakness. We would not have gotten a $39B deal in May. No chance whatsoever.
One more point, it can not be denied that John Boehner’s political power increased greatly over this deal. The 536 people in Washington, D.C. that matter know exactly who won this round and who lost. When the next battles come, that may turn out to be the most significant part of this deal.

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