08 April, 2011

Current Budget Battle

Other than on my Twitter feed (@ChrisOfRights), I haven’t said anything here about the current budget battle and impending shutdown.
What’s there to say that isn’t obvious or hasn’t been said already?
I guess I’ll say it.
Democrats are cowards and shirked their responsibilities in 2010, so that they could blame Republicans in 2011. If they’d passed a budget last year, we wouldn’t be in this situation. They didn’t even try. Neither the House nor the Senate even submitted a budget proposal. The Senate, despite being required to do so every year, has not submitted ONE since the Democrats claimed the majority. They knew that any budget they passed would hurt them in the 2010 elections, and they already knew they were going to get a shellacking, so they tried to lessen the damage by not doing their job.
The current CR passed by the House that funds the government for one week and the troops for the rest of the year should be passed. There’s absolutely no reason not to pass that and for President Barack Obama (D-USA) to sign it, unless the Democrats want a shutdown. The only rider it has on it, defunds abortions in Washington, D.C. This rider has been submitted and approved pretty much every previous time it’s come up, with bipartisan support, including names like Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), and then Senator Barack Obama (D-IL).
Therefore the only reason not to pass it is to cause, rather than avert, a shutdown. The only conclusion that can be drawn from that is that the Democrats actually want one.
Again, this is cowardice. They think they’ll win the PR battle on this and by doing so force the Republicans to cave on some provisions and be able to win some seats back next year. Notice, however, that all they have done is demonize. They haven’t submitted one budget proposal or CR proposal on their own. They haven’t tried to amend the ones that have passed the House, and then resubmit to the House. That’s because, again, they’re playing politics and trying to avoid being the bad guys. They’re more interested in political power than making the choices necessary to keep this country moving forward. They would rather see this country go down the toilet, as long as it helps them gain power.
That’s despicable. Every action that the Democrats have taken here since April 2010, is despicable. And if it doesn’t make you angry, then you’re part of the problem.

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