09 April, 2011

Irony Alert–San Francisco Style

Tax Breaks Keep Twitter In San Francisco

That’s the headline of the article. Here are some quotes:

San Francisco leaders have given preliminary approval to legislation that would keep fast-growing Twitter in the city with the lure of a payroll tax break.

The bill squarely aimed at keeping the hip microblogging service from moving out of town was portrayed as a way to revitalize a pair of chronically downtrodden neighborhoods in the heart of San Francisco.

Even better:

City officials hope Twitter will spark an economic revival in the area by attracting other companies.

Now, San Fran is about as left as you can get. And yet, even they realize the need to lower taxes to make a more business friendly environment. When it’s in their own backyard anyway.

And I guess these “tax loopholes” the libs want to close are ok after all. When it’s in their own backyard anyway.

This is without a doubt the funniest thing I read this week.

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