09 April, 2011

Now, About That “Big Money” In Politics.

Hat Tip: The Distributed Republic via Instapundit.

Look at this chart and remember it the next time a liberal complains to you about all that “big money” the GOP gets. This chart represents the top 20 groups in campaign contributions over the last 20 years.

Not a whole lot of red on that chart, is there? Click on the pic to go to OpenSecrets.org to see the details.

Look at some of those blue lines: AFSCME, Goldman Sachs, IBEW, NEA, Teamsters, SEIU, AFT, and UAW. A “who’s who” of organizations getting special favors from the current administration.

Also worth mentioning is that the first red line is “National Auto Dealers Assn”. Hey, wasn’t one of President Barack Obama’s (D-USA) first acts to shut down a ton of auto dealerships in the United States?

What an amazing coincidence.

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