11 February, 2021

Advice Taken, Don Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. Urges Republicans to Stop Being Soft and Start Getting Serious Against the Democrats (redstate.com)

Donald Trump Jr. is urging Republicans to stop being afraid of the Democrats and the media and begin fighting back just as hard as the Democrats are fighting against Republicans, or more accurately, former President Donald Trump who is out of office yet still managing to make Democrats stomp their feet and flail their arms around.

I continue to find it amazing that after so many years of conservatives saying that we needed an outsider and a straight-talker as President, that when we finally got one, they were completely turned off by him.

Make up your minds.

Yes, President Donald Trump (R-USA) eschewed many commonly conservative ideas. But he brought conservative judges and justices, lower taxes, support for the family, record low unemployment, renegotiated NAFTA, and peace in the Middle East. And he continually fought back against the MSM and the Democrats while doing it.

If you call yourself a conservative and that’s not good enough for you, then perhaps you’re setting your standards a bit too high.

Or, you’re not a conservative at all.

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