12 February, 2021

I Still Don’t See How this is Legal

Twitter Confirms Ban On Trump Permanent, Even If He Runs In 2024 | The Daily Wire

Twitter confirmed Wednesday that former President Donald Trump [(R-USA)] will always be banned from their platform, even if run decides to run for office again in 2024.

“As for Trump returning to Twitter one day, the company’s CFO Ned Segal made it clear Wednesday that’s not an option,” reported CNBC. “Segal told CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box‘ Wednesday that Trump would never be allowed to return to the site, even if he decides to run for office again.”

Being the Twitter candidate helped Trump win the White House. They won’t let that happen again.

But here’s the problem from my perspective. Trump was legally required to make his tweets available to the public. He was not allowed to block anyone. SCOTUS said so.

So, how is it that Trump isn’t allowed to block any of his followers, but Twitter can block all of Trump’s followers?

The inconsistency is mind-boggling.

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