09 February, 2021

White House Correspondent Whines that Kayleigh McEnany was Abusive

Liberal Media Scream: Reporter decries ‘ex-boyfriend' abuse from Team Trump (washingtonexaminer.com)

Yahoo News White House correspondent Brittany Shepherd came down hard on former Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany. She compared McEnany's White House briefings to “having a really bad ex-boyfriend. We were getting essentially abused by Kayleigh for so long.”

Awww…poor widdle snowfwake had some wough days at work.

I miss Kayleigh. Some of the best White House press briefings I’ve ever seen. And unlike Psaki, she came to the briefings prepared. She had an answer for anything that anyone in the press asked. She never had to “circle back”.

Sheperd’s problem is that she didn’t like McEnany’s answers. That’s because usually the answers showed that the person asking the question was either an idiot or a hypocrite or both.

The press thinks they’re better than you. They don’t like being challenged. McEnany challenged them to do their homework. They failed. And she called them on the carpet for it.

I have no sympathy for Shepherd whatsoever. Do your job and the press secretary won’t be able to make fun of you or make you look ridiculous.

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