11 February, 2021

Are they “Former Republican Officials” or “Former Republican” Officials? Sounds Like the Latter

Exclusive: Dozens of former Republican officials in talks to form anti-Trump third party | Reuters

Dozens of former Republican officials, who view the party as unwilling to stand up to former President Donald Trump and his attempts to undermine U.S. democracy, are in talks to form a center-right breakaway party, four people involved in the discussions told Reuters.

I can think of no better way to ensure a Democrat majority than to fracture the Republican party. And these people are smart enough tor realize that, so I have to believe that’s the goal.

McMullin said just over 40% of those on last week’s Zoom call backed the idea of a breakaway, national third party. Another option under discussion is to form a “faction” that would operate either inside the current Republican Party or outside it.

Names under consideration for a new party include the Integrity Party and the Center Right Party. If it is decided instead to form a faction, one name under discussion is the Center Right Republicans.

Members are aware that the U.S. political landscape is littered with the remains of previous failed attempts at national third parties.

“But there is a far greater hunger for a new political party out there than I have ever experienced in my lifetime,” one participant said.

Huh. I’m probably less interested in it than at any point in my lifetime. I honestly am struggling to come up with a dumber idea than this.

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