13 February, 2021

And this is Why They Lied to Us

Senate Democrats Voted To Protect Grandma Killer Andrew Cuomo Last Week (pjmedia.com)

They knew that if they could get Biden elected, the Democrats would protect them.

“Last week, every Senate Democrat voted against my amendment to hold states like New York accountable for misreporting data on COVID-related nursing home deaths,” Senator Tim Scott [(R-SC)] said in a statement Thursday evening. “Now we find out the truth. This is unacceptable, & those involved must be held accountable.”

Governor Cuomo’s political capital is taking a huge hit. Democrats in his own state aren’t willing to make excuses for him anymore, yet Democrats in the U.S. Senate apparently didn’t want him held accountable. But, in light of the recent revelations from Melissa DeRosa, perhaps every Senate Democrat needs to be asked if they stand by their vote.

They’re all just horrible people. They don’t care about you. They don’t care that Cuomo sentenced thousands of senior citizens to die. They care about power. Power over you. Power for them.

This is what 80 million of you voted for.


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