13 February, 2021

Democrats Still Don’t Get It

Impeaching the Voters (nysun.com)

Trump was always an effect, not a cause.

Their actions are the cause. And if they keep it up, they’ll get something worse than Trump.

Just to mark the point, it’s not our intention here to assert that Mr. Trump is innocent. It’s only to mark the part of due process that requires that the burden rest entirely on the House. It is asking the Senate to bar a former president from public life until the end of his days. The fact is that the Democrats are scared of a Trump comeback, and the House made no secret of it.

On the contrary, it warned in open Senate against acquitting Mr. Trump, because that would leave open the possibility that he could rebound and run for president again. That is what the Democrats’ long campaign for impeachment has been about from the start — fear of the voters. It seems that the Democrats are impeaching not so much the former president but the 74 million Americans who voted for him and, they fear, might yet do so again.

Well, stop treating half of America like they’re lower than dirt, and perhaps you won’t get another Trump. It seems like it’s in your DNA though. I expect the next four years to be horrible for this country. I expect someone to be elected President in 2024 that the Democrats will like even less than Trump. And it’s all their own fault.

We know you hate us. The problem for you is that we don’t care anymore.

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