28 February, 2021

Fauci is a Political Hack

He praised Trump where he could last year because it benefited him to do so. He now puts down Trump because it benefits him to do so.

'Fire Fauci' Trends on Twitter as His Mixed Messages and Inconsistencies Finally Get Called Out – PJ Media

He changes positions more often than I change my underwear.

As RedState contributor Jennifer Oliver O’Connell noted, “Masks, herd immunity, lockdowns, Fauci has been inconsistent, incorrect, or has flat out lied.”

Fox News went into significant detail about Fauci’s inconsistencies since the start of the pandemic. In early March of last year, he warned of “unintended consequences” of wearing masks, because “people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.” Fauci also advised against masking in the early weeks, reportedly because of a shortage of PPE for medical workers, but Fauci later embraced masking, and later, recommended double-masking, despite acknowledging there is no data that proves that it works. The CDC now officially recommends double-masking.


Fauci’s messaging on vaccinations has also been remarkably inconsistent. Fauci originally said it will take 70 percent of the population getting vaccinated to achieve herd immunity before revising that number up to 80 percent. Even the New York Times accused Fauci of “quietly shifting” his recommendations. Fauci then conceded that he was taking public opinion polls into account when made his comments, and that he really doesn’t know “what the real number is.”

And now he says that we shouldn’t stop any of the restrictions that have been in place, even if we get vaccinated. That we should keep them up through the end of this year and into the next. I’d be worried about that, but he’ll say say something different next month.

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