02 March, 2021

Twitter Makes Up Reasons for Suspending Make Up Artist

Conservative Beauty Guru Amanda Ensing Suspended From Twitter | The Daily Wire

Amanda Hensing received this notice of a DMCA takedown order from Twitter.

The problem is that she’d already deleted the offending tweet.

Ensing told The Daily Wire that the copyright infringement email was odd to her because she claims to have deleted tweets that were more than a year old just a few months ago. “They suspended me for something that doesn’t exist,” Ensing claims.

So, why was she suspended then?

Oh…I see.

The day before her Twitter suspension, Ensing tweeted a meme of Donald Trump at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that said “Miss Me Yet?” when he was on stage. She also tweeted a link to watch Trump live at CPAC.

Cancel culture is real. And dangerous. And they’re coming for you.

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