06 March, 2021

I’ll Take ‘Headlines You Never Saw When Trump Was President’ for $1000

Black Unemployment Rate Rises Despite Declines for All Other Groups (yahoo.com)

The Black unemployment rate climbed in February even as most other Americans saw a decline in joblessness, underscoring that the labor-market recovery remains uneven one year after the pandemic began.

The unemployment rate for Black Americans rose to 9.9%, the highest among all race groups tracked, the Labor Department said Friday. The overall U.S. jobless rate fell to 6.2% and White, Hispanic and Asian-American workers saw declines, the data show.

What were the Trump headlines? I’m sure I remember. Oh yes. CNBC, Friday, October 4, 2019.

Black and Hispanic unemployment is at a record low (cnbc.com)

  • The jobless rate for Hispanics hit a record low of 3.9% in September, while African Americans maintained its lowest rate ever, 5.5%. 
  • The unemployment rate for Asian Americans was 2.5% in September. The jobless rate for adult women came in at 3.1%.

Good thing we voted out President Donald Trump (R-USA).

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