28 February, 2021

YouTube Bans Pro-Life Speech

Today’s blacklisted American: Pro-life news organization blacklisted by Google’s YouTube (behindtheblack.com)

The pro-life news organization, LifteSiteNews, has been blacklisted by Google’s YouTube, which on February 10th without warning removed all the organization’s videos.

I am unabashedly pro-life, and not just because I’m conservative. My wife and I had lots of issues conceiving, and I understand just how difficult and heart-wrenching that can be for some. It makes you cherish those tiny mini-humans in the womb all that much more.

I don’t hit LifeSiteNews every day, but I do subscribe to their blog. There is nothing remotely offensive o the site unless you find celebration of life to be offensive. If you do, I can’t help you.

There are occasional articles regarding the physical and emotional aftermath of abortions, but none of these articles are controversial or espouse ideas that are in any way surprising.

But they don’t agree with the pro-abort orthodoxy and therefore they must be silenced.

The left is coming for everyone that doesn’t agree with them. They’re coming for you, eventually.


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