28 February, 2021

CNN Continues to be the Fake News Network

I really should find a good synonym for “Fake” that begins with “C”.

But I digress.

CNN Ripped For ‘Bizarre Distortion’ Of Clarence Thomas Dissent In PA Election Case | The Daily Wire

“A longtime conservative, Thomas’ legal views naturally aligned with the Trump administration,” she continued in the article. “But his dissent stands out for how much it subscribed to the Trump worldview of fraud, a notion debunked by election law experts and that has failed overwhelmingly in dozens of state and federal court challenges.”

National Review’s Ed Whelan hit back:

“I’m amazed to see that Thomas’s dissent somehow generated this wildly distorted article from CNN’s veteran Supreme Court reporter Joan Biskupic,” he wrote.

“A trusting reader might imagine that Thomas’s dissent is replete with references to Dominion and Smartmatic and to various of Trump’s other allegations of fraud,” Whelan continued. “In fact, Thomas makes no mention of such allegations. Nor does the word ‘Trump’ appear a single time in his opinion.”

“Moreover, Thomas states in his opening paragraph (and repeats twice later) that the Pennsylvania supreme court decision that the Court was asked to review ‘seems to have affected too few ballots to change the outcome of any federal election,’” added Whelan. “That’s not a statement you ever heard Donald Trump make.”

It’s bad enough that CNN continues to publish #FakeNews on President Donald Trump (R-USA). But someone assigned to the Supreme Court beat should be above such pettiness. If she’s the best they have at Court reporting, they should just drop coverage of SCOTUS, because this isn’t coverage, it’s propaganda.

This is CNN.

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