04 March, 2021

Big Tech Strikes Again

Twitter locks out Dr. Naomi Wolf after she questioned coronavirus narratives and lockdowns (reclaimthenet.org)

What was Dr. Wolf’s crime? She doesn’t believe that lockdowns are effective.

Dr. Naomi Wolf, DailyClout CEO and a prominent and long-time Democrat supporter and adviser, has experienced online censorship because her stance on Covid lockdowns and more does not toe the official line relentlessly enforced by Big Tech.

For decades, Wolf, a feminist and former President Clinton staffer and Al Gore adviser, was “allowed” to speak her mind unhindered by censors, but when she started to question the way the Covid pandemic has been handled, one after another social media networks started temporarily restricting her accounts and removing her content, including when reposted by other accounts.

Welcome to the party, pal.

The left does not tolerate dissent. Especially from those on the left.

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