28 February, 2021

The Disaster that is Portland, OR

Rioters Smash Windows, Force Businesses To Board Up In Downtown Portland | The Daily Wire

Although coverage of ongoing unrest in Portland has largely dropped off, the far-left protests have not abated. On the day President Joe Biden was inaugurated, suspected “anti-fascists” vandalized the city’s Democratic party headquarters, and just last month, Federal agents were called in to defend an ICE facility there. They tangled with rioters and, eventually, were forced to deploy non-lethal means of crowd control, including tear gas.

I’m sure it’s all President Donald Trump’s (R-USA) fault.

“We have removed everything that could possibly cause damage tonight,” one business owner told local media. “When these people come through, and we’ve lost an entire day of business which means that’s impacting my team member’s wages. This has been going on for nine months. Where are our resources? When do we get enough resources to finally go after and fix this?”

Defunded Portland Police Can't Handle Shootings and Antifa – PJ Media

On Saturday night, a mob of antifa rioters ravaged the Pearl District of Portland, smashing windows and spray-painting anti-police messages on businesses, including a Safeway, a Starbucks, and a Chipotle, among others. Police resources to deal with the riot had been strained by multiple shootings in the city that same evening.

Beirut sounds like a safer place to live.

Oddly, no screams from the Democrats this morning about how awful this is.

One store that has been shut down for months after being nearly destroyed by the “peaceful protests” last summer finally re-opened this week

Sort of.

Apple Store Looted and Trashed by Portland Antifa and BLM Rioters Re-Opens Behind a 'Prison' Fence – PJ Media

Michael Steeber of 9t05Mac doesn’t appear to get it:

“It implies that the community is a threat.”

Sorry, Michael. The community is a threat. Not just to Apple, but all businesses and people in the area. And none of that is going away until everyone faces up to it and is willing to do something about it. Apple donated to the organizations that destroyed their store. What kind of idiocy is this?

The core area of downtown – city hall, government buildings, including the state and the notoriously attacked federal courthouses – are still boarded up. The second-story windows at city hall are covered with Black Lives Matter signs.

Across the street, statues have been wrecked and removed, and nearby high rises are closed. A 7-Eleven is boarded up and outfitted with Black Lives Matter signs, as well.

I know I’ve said this before, but Portland used to be such a delightful city. A true treasure of the western U.S.

Seeing all this makes me sad.

Seeing the Democrats turn a blind eye to it, or even support the people that have made this happen makes me mad.

Liberals are destroying America. And they’re not even bothering to hide it or to do it slowly anymore.

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