04 March, 2021

Nonsense-I’ve been Assured by Those in the Know that Mail-in Voter Fraud Never Occurs

Massive 78% of Mail-In Ballots Proved Fraudulent, Judge Orders Election Do-Over. - The National Pulse

“In the sixty-four-page order, Judge Jeff Weill not only calls for a new election but also finds evidence of fraud and criminal activity, in how absentee ballots were handled, how votes were counted, and the actions by some at the polling place,” local news reports.

The race in question – a Democratic primary – occurred in Ward 1 or Aberdeen, Mississippi for the position of alderman between candidates Robert Devaull and Nicholas Holliday.

The judge’s ruling revealed that sixty-six of eighty-four absentee ballots – nearly 79 percent –  cast in the June runoff were fraudulent.

79% were fraudulent. In a Democratic primary. Gee. Imagine that.

But there was no fraud in the 2020 election. So we have been assured. And Twitter and Facebook will shut you up if you suggest otherwise. So, therefore it must be true. We can trust Facebook and Twitter.

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