03 October, 2021

Another Day, Another Person Censored by Twitter Over a China Virus Tweet

Congressman Thomas Massie criticizes Twitter censorship after tweet is suppressed (reclaimthenet.org)

Twitter’s censorship at least seems “egalitarian” because it affects “ordinary” users as well as elected officials. US Congressman Thomas Massie shared on Twitter on August 28 that his post, reading, “Natural immunity >> vaccine immunity; So why force or coerce those with natural immunity from prior infection into taking the vaccine?” received a “this tweet is misleading” label.

That is in no way misleading. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s unequivocally true. I defy Twitter to offer any evidence to the contrary.

There was a time when Twitter was a fun place to be. You learned stuff there, and quicker than anywhere else. Yes, it was a time sink, and a distraction, but for a news junkie like me, it was a moderately useful distraction.

Now it’s just a Hell hole.

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