03 October, 2021

High Time

US Surgeon General says there's “not nearly enough" social media censorship (reclaimthenet.org)

I’m reminded of a song.

He's got answers to all my problems
Says he'll decide what I should hear and see
I try to change to another station
But all I get is more of his morality
And morality, yeah

But I see the kids of a new generation
And they won't stand for this mind control
They're gonna change this world we live in
They're gonna bring back the rock and roll

So if I can, I'm gonna break from this prison
Gonna get out and join in the fight
Take a chance on what I believe in
Win or lose, I know it's right

'Cause it's high time
For us to start a revolution
High time
Just like an A-bomb explosion
High time
It ain't the music that's in question
High time
It's more the freedom of expression

Change is comin'
Mind Police are comin'
We're on the move
The Old World is crumblin'
A new day's comin'
Tell your friends and relations
We're on the move
We're gonna start a rockin' nation

But enough of the musical interlude. Back to the news.

“The speed, scale and sophistication with which it is spreading and impacting our health is really unprecedented,” Murthy said during an interview on CNN’s State of the Union. “And it’s happening largely, in part, aided and abetted by social-media platforms.”

The Surgeon General did acknowledge that these platforms were already working to censor but said what they are doing is “not nearly enough.”

“There are people who are super-spreaders of misinformation,” he said. “And there are algorithms, still, which continue to serve up more and more misinformation to people who encounter it the first time. These are things that companies can and must change. And I think they have a moral responsibility to do so quickly and transparently.”

The Surgeon General of the United States is arguing for censorship on an unprecedented scale. And people are okay with this? How?

This is what you voted for. This is Biden’s America. #IToldYouSo

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