08 October, 2021

Good Thing We Got Rid of Him, Then

Unemployment may not return to Trump lows: Fed official | Fox Business

The national unemployment rate is currently at 5.4%, a pandemic-era low, but remains elevated from the 3.5% that was reached under Trump. Many workers remain on the sidelines due to generous unemployment benefits, the closing of schools and day care, and fears over the virus.

"I'm not necessarily wedded to saying a pre-pandemic number will represent full employment because one of the things we know is that the pandemic shock could have had real impacts on the way we work," George told FOX Business’ Edward Lawrence. 

Democrats always warn of this. Remember, Obama told us “those jobs aren’t coming back”. But they did. Democrats tell us the best days are in the past. Republicans prove them wrong.

So, by all means, keep voting Democrat.

Biden’a America. #IToldYouSo

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