06 October, 2021

Sick. Just Sick. But Hey, at Least This One’s Not Biden’s Fault

BOMBSHELL: FBI Scandal Over Sexually Abused Gymnasts Rises to Criminal Level, Says Inspector General – PJ Media

[T]his clip shows that the DOJ inspector general himself believes the actions of the FBI may have been criminal in nature. “We found that they violated criminal law sufficiently,” he said adding that he had referred the agents involved for prosecution. The DOJ inexplicably refused to prosecute and refused to even send a representative to be questioned by the Senate panel.

But wait. There’s mre.

Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) asked Horowitz if the FBI employees misrepresented the facts of the investigation. Horowitz answered, “They did. We found that both the person who wrote the report that Ms. Maroney testified about falsely testified to us about what he did in connection with that report.” Then Horowitz dropped an incredibly scandalous nugget of information: “And Special Agent in charge [Jay] Abbott made false statements to us about steps that he took in 2015 when these allegations came in but also about his job-seeking efforts with the U.S. Olympic committee.”

Much more at the link, if you can stand to read it.

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