03 October, 2021

I Guess He’ll Have to Go Back to Looking for Ferris

Writer and actor Ben Stein suspended from YouTube for COVID questions (reclaimthenet.org)

Ben lays it out perfectly.

Noting YouTube’s monopolistic power, he wrote: “YouTube is such an immense communications entity that to be banned from it is to banned from national mass communication. Yes, it’s not part of the government, so the First Amendment does not strictly apply to it. BUT, it is so big that it approximates the government. And to be banned from it is to be banned from national debate on important issues.”

“The reasoning of YouTube — ‘THOU SHALT NOT QUESTION EXPERTS’ — could easily be applied to issues of foreign policy or taxation or the national deficit. The reasoning of YouTube means the end of free speech. It means The End of America.”

I have nothing to add.

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