06 October, 2021

Papers, Please–It’s Here

Florida landlord says he'll kick out tenants who don't show vaccine passport (reclaimthenet.org)



While leaving her South Florida condo last month, Jasmine Irby came across a notice pinned to her door from her management company. It read that, “As of August 15th, all new tenants must show proof of vaccination before moving in…Existing tenants must show proof of vaccination before leases are renewed.”

Apparently, Santiago A. Alvarez’s eight apartment buildings in Broward and Miami-Dade counties won’t let you live there unless you can show a vaccine passport. Unvaccinated tenants will also have to find another place to live at the end of their lease – assuming that the requirement to show a vaccine passport isn’t found to be illegal.

According to national housing experts, Alvarez owns 1,200 apartments in two counties and is the first large-scale landlord to force vaccinations not just on employees, but also on tenants.


Where does this end? When does this end?

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