03 October, 2021

YouTube Faces the Music in Australia

Sky News Australia testifies on YouTube censorship (reclaimthenet.org)

The clash between the social media giant and Australia’s broadcaster flared up after YouTube decided to remove 23 Sky videos for COVID misinformation, prompting the channel to remove a further 18 uploads in order to avoid getting permanently banned.

[SKY CEO Paul] Whittaker openly called this latter decision an act of self-censorship, while lambasting YouTube as “not neutral, unaccountable, untransparent, and totalitarian” for its censorship – and on top of that, a foreign entity censoring speech in another country, while Australia’s own media regulator did not think that the deleted videos required any action taken against them.

YouTube doesn’t have the right or more importantly the ability to decide what is “misinformation”. Quite often the people they are censoring are far more knowledgeable on their subjects than anyone at Google or YouTube. YouTube doesn’t know what is misinformation. They just know what information they don’t want you to hear and see.

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