07 October, 2021

Well, It Couldn’t Be Worse Than It Is Now

Georgia Elections Board Moves Toward Eventual Fulton County Takeover (humanevents.com)

Georgia’s Election Board moved towards an eventual takeover of Fulton County Wednesday following mounting evidence of irregularities in the 2020 election.

The board’s unanimous vote was possible due to provisions in the state’s new voting law passed earlier this year, per Just the News.

The vote authorized a bipartisan, three-person panel to investigate Fulton County. If the panel confirms irregularities, the elections board could replace the county’s board of elections with its own administrator.

I just want three simple rules enforced across the board, nationwide.

  1. No ballot without proof of voter identification
  2. Any ballot for which the chain of custody is broken is null and void.
  3. No ballot can be counted without oversight from all major political parties

I expect nothing more. I will accept nothing less.

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