06 February, 2021


I’ve tried to avoid the self-congratulatory posts on this blog now that I’m blogging again.

Up until this year, my most prolific month ever was September, 2011. I made 77 posts that month. That included my 9/11 Remembrance posts. In January of this year, I posted 141 times. And my first post was on January 8th, or it would have been substantially higher.

But this is a milestone that can’t be ignored.

My most prolific year was also 2011. I posted 411 times that year. My second most prolific year (until now) was 2012, when I posted 184 times.

This is my 185th post this year. It’s still the first week in February, and I’ve exceed my totals for 2020 (8), 2019 (0), 2018 (2), 2017 (0), 2016 (0), 2015 (0), 2014 (0), 2013 (0), 2012 (184), 2010 (156), 2009 (84), and 2008 (157).

And remember, my first post was on January 8th, so I got to 185 in slightly less than a month.

I am looking forward to the rest of this year.

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