06 February, 2021

He’s a Chamber of Commerce Republican, so that’s No Surprise

Karl Rove Backs Democrats' Amnesty for Foreign-Born 'Dreamers' (breitbart.com)

Rove, a GOP strategist and longtime adviser to former President George W. Bush, joined in the coalition’s launch Tuesday. He said he recognized that “there are a lot of people in my party who don’t share my views.” But he said a permanent solution is still the “right thing to do.”

“It would be a blot on our country’s soul if we were to take hundreds of thousands of people who’ve known no country but America and tell them to get lost,” he said, adding that it would be “politically smart for both parties” to secure permanent legal status for Dreamers.

This was why I left the GOP. They clearly are not interested in defending the rights of American citizens. They just want cheap labor.

Now, I will admit that I have modified my opinion on amnesty over the years. I now look at it this way: we have laws in the United States and we have penalties for breaking them.

So, you speed on the interstate and get caught. You pay a fine.

You walk into a school and shoot up the place and murder 100 people, you’re going to prison for the rest of your life. Which will hopefully be quite short.

Entering the country illegally and staying here is a crime. One that’s probably a lot closer on the crime scale to speeding than it is to murdering 100 people.

So, we’ll allow you to correct your illegal status, but you have to pay the penalty first. What’s the penalty? I don’t know, but we can make it fair and reasonable. You have to pay any back taxes you missed out on because of your illegal status. You have to pay a fine. You have to continue to pay a fine as long as you remain in the country illegally. You don’t commit any other major crimes or violent crimes while you’re here.

You do all those things, and you get a chance to make yourself right.

If we had an amnesty rule like that, I could probably get on board with it. Of course, we never will have a rule like that, because a rule like that might actually make sense. And I’m sure someone would complain that it puts an undue financial burden on the illegal alien. Well, first, we can structure it so it doesn’t have to, but if it does, so what? Remember, these people have committed a crime. There must be penalties for doing so. If you can’t afford the penalties, then you have to take the other options, which are imprisonment or deportation.

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