04 February, 2021

The RNC Learns a Lesson—Finally

RNC Chairwoman: Mainstream Media Out As Hosts Of 2024 RNC-Sponsored Debates | The Daily Wire

The Democrats learned this long ago. Why have your debates moderated by someone who is not friendly to your cause?

Speaking on Newsmax’s “Spicer & Co.,” Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel stated that the RNC would ensure in 2024 that the mainstream media outlets that have been hostile to the GOP while supporting the Democratic Party and its candidates would not host an RNC-sanctioned debate.

The next thing they need to do is to fix the Presidential Debate Commission (PDC). Right now it is six members, allegedly three from each party.

It should be three people from the individual campaigns. Any rules or rule changes should require two out of three from each campaign to agree. One of the many ridiculous things about the 2020 election was that the PDC made many changes mid-stream without even consulting the Trump campaign, and they were changes that the Trump campaign would have never agreed to. Clearly the “Republican” members of the PDC were not representing their party.

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