04 February, 2021

Portland Used to be Such a Beautiful City

Nolte: Democrat-run Portland Collapses to Bottom of Desirable Cities (breitbart.com)

This is just sad. It used to be a wonderful place. I wouldn’t even want to visit there now.

In 2017, according to an Urban Land Institute report that surveys some 1,300 “lenders, investors, developers and other national real estate experts” about where the most desirable real estate markets are, out of 80 U.S. cities on the list, and in just a few years, Portland went from the third most desirable to 66th.

I’ve been to Portland. It was a lot of fun. Powell’s Books. Nike Town. McKinneman’s Brew Pubs. Fun night life. And really just beautiful.

And now?


Incredibly depressing. This is what liberals do.

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