04 February, 2021

Liz Cheney Survives Bid to Oust Her From Leadership

Well, I was going to blog on this yesterday:

How Republicans Prepare To Oust Liz Cheney From Leadership (thefederalist.com)

Never got around to it. And today it is out of date:

House Republicans Vote To Keep Liz Cheney In Leadership: Reports | The Daily Wire

Republicans overwhelmingly voted in favor of keeping GOP Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) in her leadership position during a conference-wide vote Wednesday evening, according to multiple reports.

The leadership vote, which was reportedly 145-61, affirmed Cheney’s position as the number three Republican in the House, even though she was one of only ten Republican lawmakers to vote to impeach former President Donald Trump last month. The vote was conducted by secret ballot.

So, the vote amounts to a “slap on the wrist” type punishment. Or the GOP rank and file got strong-armed. They needed a majority of the caucus in favor, just to bring it to a vote. And yet, couldn’t get even one third to vote for it. This may have been deliberate. A warning shot, so to speak. I doubt it will be effective. But we shall see.

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