03 February, 2021

Hydroxychloroquine Revisited

Wait, wasn’t it just a few days ago I was talking about hydroxychloroquine?

Why yes. Yes, it was.

Well, here we go again.

Oversight Board reverses Facebook removal of post touting hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 treatment | Just The News

The board found the social media giant's misinformation and imminent harm rule is too vague and recommended the platform consolidate and clarify its standards on health misinformation in one place.


The Board also found Facebook's misinformation and imminent harm rule, which this post is said to have violated, to be inappropriately vague and inconsistent with international human rights standards," the panel said. "A patchwork of policies found on different parts of Facebook's website make it difficult for users to understand what content is prohibited. Changes to Facebook's COVID-19 policies announced in the company's Newsroom have not always been reflected in its Community Standards, while some of these changes even appear to contradict them.

Oh, I am sure the Standards are consistently applied. There are just two sets. One for the left. And one for the right.

UPDATE: More on HCQ here

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