01 February, 2021

Seems Like this Would Have Been Newsworthy

MSNBC Did Not Ask Lincoln Project Founders About John Weaver Despite Booking Them 17 Times After The Story First Broke | The Daily Caller

MSNBC belongs on the dustbin of history. It is a propaganda machine posing as a news network.

  • John Weaver of the Lincoln Project has been accused by multiple men, including a minor, of sexual harassment.
  • Lincoln Project co-founders Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson, and George Conway have appeared on MSNBC 17 times since the story first broke on January 11.
  • They were not asked about the allegations during any of their interviews.

Why? Because the only reason MSNBC has Lincoln Project members on their network is to bash President Donald Trump (R-USA) and other Republicans. Talking about the sins of their founders does not advance the narrative. It’s a distraction and must be swept under the rug.

Good sweeping, MSNBC.

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