04 February, 2021

Well, this is What Happens When You Attempt to Rule by Fiat

Texas pushes back against Biden’s deportation halt – The New Neo

Attorney General Ken Paxton today commended the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas for granting a nationwide temporary restraining order halting implementation of the Biden Administration’s unlawful order to the Department of Homeland Security to freeze virtually all deportations of illegal aliens.

This is the same sort of court ruling that we consistently got during the Trump administration. There are some problems with it, but on the balance, a takedown of improper use of power by the President is a good thing.

Since President Barack Obama (D-USA) declared that he had “a pen and a phone”, Presidents have been much more likely to try to find a way to go around Congress and rule by Executive Order. This is a practice that must be curtailed, regardless of any short term benefits. We have an elected Congress for a reason. This is something that both Republicans and Democrats should be able to get behind.

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