14 March, 2021

And this is How you Know the Whole “Russia! Russia! Russia!” Narrative was a Farce

Nancy Pelosi Leaves Eric Swalwell On Intelligence Committee Despite Past Relationship With Chinese Spy | The Daily Caller

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is leaving Rep. Eric Swalwell on the House Intelligence Committee, she announced on Friday, despite the California Democrat’s close contacts with an alleged Chinese spy.

Swalwell for years maintained contact with Christine Fang, a Chinese national who the FBI determined was working covertly as an intelligence agent for the Chinese Ministry of State Security.

If the Democrats truly believed that collusion with foreign entities was a problem, Swalwell would not only be off the committee, but he’d be out of Congress as well.

But they don’t, and they never did. It was all just a convenient excuse to attack President Donald Trump (R-USA).

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