14 March, 2021

This is a Revolting, and Yet Very Revealing Graph

You know how the left keeps warning us about right-wing violence? Yeah, about that.

1 in 3 on the far left think violence is acceptable when pursuing political change.

Less than 1 in 20 on the far right think the same thing.

The Left Embraces Political Violence Far More Than the Right – PJ Media

As the riots continued, night after night, week after week, month after month, Democrat after Democrat trotted out before a television camera, or onto a CNN or MSNBC set, to remind America that “far-right extremists” are far more likely to embrace violence as means to achieve political goals, and peaceful, “buy the world a Coke and teach it to sing in perfect harmony” Democrats were anything but.

Well, we all saw it all last year. Hundreds of riots in dozens of cities, all summer long. All from the left.

Then one little block party by some right-wingers in Washington, D.C. and the country is in an uproar.

Do yourself a favor. Look up the word “gaslighting”. The media is selling you a blatantly false narrative, one that cannot be supported by facts.

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