20 March, 2021

Project Veritas - 1, New York Times - 0

VICTORY: Court Delivers Huge Win for Project Veritas Against The New York Times | Project Veritas

The Court found Project Veritas demonstrated "a substantial basis in law and fact that the Defendants [The New York Times] acted with actual malice, that is, with knowledge that the statements in the Articles were false or made with reckless disregard of whether they were false or not" and Project Veritas should be permitted to "conduct discovery."

The Defendants acted with actual malice.

Eep. Those are not words you want to hear from the judge if you’re the New York Times.

This ruling means Project Veritas will now be able to put New York Times reporter Maggie Astor and New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet under oath where they will be forced to answer our questions.

This is not something the New York Times has any desire to do.

Bring the popcorn.

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