15 March, 2021

Like Many Stories About Donald Trump, this one Turns Out to be Entirely Fake

No 'national hero': Trump misquoted in reports about Georgia call found in trash folder (washingtonexaminer.com)

Recording Proves Trump Didn't Say 'Find the Fraud' – PJ Media

In January, the Washington Post published a “bombshell” story alleging that in a December phone call, President Donald Trump urged Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find the fraud” in the 2020 election and said that he’d be a “national hero” if he did.

Many on the Left interpreted the quote to mean Trump was pressuring Raffensperger to illegally find votes to overturn the results. The Washington Post even suggested the call itself could constitute obstruction of justice.

The Washington Post has now issued a major correction to the original story after a recording of the call proved Trump never said such things.

This wasn’t a minor correction. They essentially retracted the entire story.

Remember, this was originally going to be part of the Impeachment Articles. This is a big part of why many people thought Trump deserved to be impeached. It moved public opinion against Trump and the GOP in a major way. It may have cost the GOP the two Senate seats in the Georgia run-off.

And WaPo says “oops, we goofed.”

People need to lose their jobs over this sort of thing. They need to become un-hirable in the industry. Careers need to be destroyed.

But no one will face anything.

And a year from now, go ask 10 random people about this story about the phone call. At least 7 will remember the original story, and not the correction, and believe the original story to be true.

We have a crisis in America. We have a media that has no interest in telling the truth, only in advancing the narrative. And as long as they continue to face no consequences for doing this, it will only get worse.

Combine this with our Big Tech overlords deciding what we are and are not allowed to say, and the idea of America, of what America and freedom are all about, may have never been in a more fragile place.

I fear for my children’s future. I fear what kind of country they will inherit.

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