19 March, 2021

Michael “Piltdown” Mann Goes Down

National Review Prevails against Michael Mann

Climate change’s biggest faker loses his defamation suit against National Review.

The D.C. superior court granted National Review’s motion to dismiss climate scientist Michael Mann’s long-running defamation suit.

More than eight years ago, Mann launched the suit against NR, writing privately that he saw it as an opportunity to “ruin” this “filthy organization.”

The lawsuit stemmed from a blog post on The Corner by Mark Steyn back in 2012 criticizing Mann’s work. The climate scientist threatened a lawsuit unless NR removed the offending post and apologized, which it refused to do. Mann then sued NR, Steyn, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute (Steyn quoted a CEI article in his post).

Will NR file counter claim to recoup their court costs?

“Let’s just say if I were him, I’d be very worried about this possibility,” Lowry said.

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