19 March, 2021

As I said—No Good, Ethical Reason to Oppose Voter ID

Prosecution Exhibit A:

'Jim Crow in a Suit and Tie': Stacey Abrams Sounds Off on the GOP's Desire for Election Integrity Laws by Beth Baumann (townhall.com)

According to Abrams, Republicans are working to "eliminate access to voting" for communities of color by pushing for legislation that includes eliminating ballot drop boxes, requiring a form of identification to vote, and doing away with early voting on Sundays. She said increased voter participation took place in those forms, something that ended up helping the Democrats in the Georgia runoff election.

Republicans don’t want to make it harder to vote. They want to make it harder to vote illegally.

Any moral person concerned with protecting election integrity would be in favor of that.

The Democrats have been opposed to it my entire life.

It’s really not hard to figure out why. Reductions in election integrity benefit them, and they know it.

They really are horrible people.

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