09 April, 2021

I am Stunned that a Person Can Get Fired at Yale for this, But she Deserves her Job Back

Professor sues after losing job over Trump supporter "psychosis" claim (reclaimthenet.org)

A fired Yale psychiatry professor who said Trump supporters are suffering from a “spread of shared psychosis” on Twitter is suing the university for wrongful termination. The lawsuit claims that her termination violated her First Amendment free speech rights.

She can say whatever she wants to on Twitter, as long as it’s her personal account, and it’s not incitement to violence. Her employer cannot fire her for using her First Amendment privilege.

And you thought I only defended Trump supporters?

Shame on you. Howe many times do I have to tell you that I am the closest person to a free speech absolutist that you are likely to ever meet.

According to her lawyers, her comments are “clearly protected by the First Amendment and Yale’s guarantees of academic freedom.”

The suit seeks her reinstatement and “compensatory economic and non-economic damages” and legal fees and related costs.

They are, and I hope she wins.

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