10 April, 2021

Well, The Original Deal Was Incredibly Stupid, So It Makes Perfect Sense That Biden Would Want to Reinstate It

Administration Open to Creating 'Road Map' Back to Iran Deal – PJ Media

Remember, America got nothing out of this deal. It endangers our closest ally in the Middle East. And Iran is the greatest state sponsor of terror in the world.

There is absolutely no upside to this deal. For America or its allies.

[T]he Biden administration appears willing to go to any lengths to entice Iran back into full “compliance” with the agreement begun during the Obama administration. Instead of taking small steps to build trust that Iran would keep its word, the U.S. now appears willing to lift all remaining sanctions on Iran in exchange for the promise of later negotiations.

You can’t even spin this in a way that’s good for America. There is absolutely nothing in it that benefits America in any conceivable way. Pursuing it is madness, or complete ineptitude, or complete idiocy. Or possibly all three.

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