09 April, 2021

1 Down–50 (Counting D.C.) to Go

Brian Kemp Signs Georgia Election Integrity Law – PJ Media
If anything this bill doesn’t go far enough, but it at least attempts to address the disaster that occurred last November.

And  no, I’m no conspiracy theorist. I’m not even saying that the election was unfair. I am simply saying that there’s no way that we can confirm that it was. I said almost a year ago that whoever lost the election of 2020 would have substantial reason to doubt the election integrity. And I was correct.

Democrats don’t want to see more election integrity laws passed. Why is that?

Anyway, let’s see what Lennox has to say.

The bill also enhances election security by requiring identification when voters request an absentee ballot instead of relying on subjective signature matching. Voters will use a valid state ID, ID number, or other form of identification when requesting an absentee ballot. When voting in person, Georgians provide a photo ID, and there is simply no reason that absentee requests should not carry the same requirement.

Good. I’d still prefer no absentee ballots or mail-in ballots of any kind, but this is a step in the correct direction.

The law also expands early voting for the general and primary elections as a compromise, adding additional Saturdays and Sundays to the days to vote before Election Day. This provision is not a Republican preference because early tabulating of absentee ballots is also allowed. Drop boxes, a huge election security risk, may only be placed in early-voting locations and may only be accessible when the site is open.

That’s a mixed bag. I’m somewhat in favor of limited early voting, and I don’t mind it on weekends. I don’t like long term early voting periods. Actually, I would prefer a universal voting period nationwide. Everyone starts at 6 AM on election day EST, and continues for exactly 72 hours. And the lights are off at the 72 hour mark. None of this “anyone in line gets to vote”. You didn’t make it in 72 hours, too bad for you.

The state legislature has also severely limited the modifications that can be made by the Secretary of State and county election boards independently to address a crisis like COVID-19. The legislature has reserved the right to suspend such changes and require that any modifications must involve public notice and specific notification to the legislature. The law will also prevent county election offices from receiving “Zuck Bucks” from outside interest groups.

This is a solid set of wins. Secretaries of State who re-wrote state election laws on their own were one of the biggest problems in 2020.

The pandemic is over. It’s time to return to secure elections. This bill increases accessibility, decreases long wait times, and changes the subjective signature verification to an objective form of I.D.

You could argue that the pandemic is not yet over, although it almost certainly will be by next election day. Many of these ridiculous changes in 2020 were made in response to the China Virus. As Lennox says, it’s time to undo all the crap we did.

Now we just need the other 49 states and D.C. to pass similar legislation, and we can all breathe much easier at night.

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