10 April, 2021

The Mileage Tax is Coming

Conservatives can whine about it all they want, but it’s coming.

They’re correct about the assault it brings upon individual freedom, but it’s coming anyway.

The state and federal governments receive quite a bit of cash from gasoline taxes. When gasoline consumption goes down, they’re going to need to replace that revenue somehow.

Of course such a tax would hit families making far less than $400,000. Which President Joe Biden (D-USA) promised us wouldn’t happen.

That was always completely laughable, but I’m sure that some people believed it.

Washington Should Steer Clear of a Vehicle Miles Traveled Tax (dailysignal.com)

I’m not going to quote from Ditch this time. He makes some good points, but he’s tilting at windmills. The tax is coming. Maybe not in 2021. Maybe not even before the next Presidential election. But it’s coming. Conservatives would be better off writing about fights we can win, rather than one whose fate ha already been decided.

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