08 April, 2021

Yes, they did. And yes, they will.

Trump Tax Cuts Worked. Tax Hikes Now Will Kneecap Economic Recovery. (dailysignal.com)

Following the tax cuts, the Congressional Budget Office projected a sustained increase in business investment. Through 2019, actual investment outpaced the government scorekeeper’s projections.

Tax cut-driven turnaround in investment also showed up as a spike in new manufacturing orders, small-business optimism, and new-business applications. Those forces helped boost gains for workers.

New job openings surged in 2018, the year following the tax cuts, and about 83,000 more people voluntarily left their jobs for better opportunities at the end of 2019, compared with the pre-reform trend.

The beginning of 2018 also marked a significant increase in wage growth.

President Joe Biden wants to save you from all that economic prosperity. Good thing we brought him in.


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