10 April, 2021

In the Trump Era—ALWAYS be Skeptical of Anonymous Stories

Dems Come for Rep. Matt Gaetz With 'Unclear' Story: He 'Is Said to Be' 'Possibly' Subject of 'Inquiry.' His Response Is a Shocker [UPDATE] – PJ Media

Maybe it’s true and maybe it isn’t. In fact, most of these types of allegations in Washington, D.C. turn out to be true, so the odds are against Gaetz.

On the other hand, every single time we got a story like this about Trump with no one with direct knowledge willing to go on the record, it turned out to be false.

The New York Times is running with a story that claims “the Justice Department is said to be” “inquiring” into an “unclear” report that it’s “possible” Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz was involved with a 17-year-old girl two years ago.

There’s not much that’s solid there. A lot of “unclear” and “possible” events.

The Times says that “people who have been briefed” say an “inquiry” – note the word “investigation” is not used – was opened at the end of the Trump administration, according to “people briefed on the matter.”

Gaetz claims its an extortion racket, and that he’s been in contact with the FBI, not as the target of an investigation, but as the victim.


The truth will out.


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