08 April, 2021

The Truth May be Out There, But if it Goes Against The Narrative, You won’t Find Out About it At Duke University

Duke launches investigation after George Floyd’s toxicology report posted on bulletin board | The College Fix

Read that closely. They are launching an investigation because a factual, publicly available report was posted on a bulletin board.

Telling the truth has become a crime in our society.

Duke University has launched an investigation after a student found a copy of George Floyd’s toxicology report posted on a bulletin board commemorating Black History Month.

This gets really rich.

According to the criticism of his comments, the dean said that the posting of the report and the commentary should be treated as just an opinion.

It’s a factual toxicology report. No one made it up.

“Just an opinion”.


But apparently, even that wasn’t enough for the poor snowflakes at Duke.

“I just felt really uncomfortable with him calling it an opinion instead of a racist statement,” student Emily Prudot Gonzalez told the campus paper.

Another student Michael Manns, said that the dean, who is black, “invalidated” claims of racism.

“I was met with distasteful remarks that seemed to invalidate my feelings and experiences while simultaneously epitomizing just how insincere Duke’s anti-racist platform truly is,” Manns told the Chronicle.

Michael Manns is in for a rude awakening when he enters the real world and people don’t care whether or not his feelings are validated.

Idiocy piled upon further idiocy.

I think we need a good long devastating war to remind people that there is real suffering in the world, and it’s far more important than your “feelz”.

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