08 April, 2021

Rational People Knew this Already

DOJ admits there's little evidence to support Jan. 6 sedition charges | The Post Millennial

Any “journalist” that used the words “sedition” or “insurrection” to describe the events of January 6th is not worthy of a job in any sort of media.

I’ve seen more violence at block parties.

Reuters reports that none of those 400 who have been charged have been charged with sedition, which would be an incitement of rebellion. Instead, the most serious charge brought against any of the defendants has been assault. Two of the men who were charged with assault on Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick used bear spray in the attack.

This was all a big nothingburger, used to frighten and enrage the American public so that we’d all be sheep to the Democrats desires for more power and control over us.

And most of you fell for it, hook, line and sinker.

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